1/52 evening rituals

Better late than never right. For the next few weeks I’ll be trying to get caught up with these weekly posts, it’ll be a little hard with the move, but I’ll get there…eventually.

Kamila has had a bedtime routine since her first month of birth; play, bath, bottle and sleep.  She sleeps for a glourious 12 hours!  We are seriously lucky.  Actually, everyone is seriously lucky, no more zombie mom!  Last Friday we finally got rid of her swaddle for good! I was always afraid that she would never be able to sleep without having her in a straight jacket.  Good news… I was wrong!

When we get home from work and school, Kamila likes to sit down, roll around and play with her toys.  We only get about an hour and a half (sometimes two if we’re lucky) to spend time with her before she goes to bed.  It totally blows!  I am beyond estatic that I’ll get to spend more time with her!


Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 3.38.20 PM





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