Don’t mess with TEXAS

Tonight is our last night in Houston.  I’ve always been very emotional and tend to keep any feelings to myself, unless we are really really close.  It’s only appropriate that I write about my experience in this city since it’s my last night.  My husband and I moved out here a little over 3 years ago, we had no friends other than his dad and step mom.  One month after our move, I landed a really cool job with amazing people and ended up staying longer than originally planned.  Part of that was because I joined a running group and made some amazing friends.  I’ve always been the type to be friendly with everyone and hang out with anyone that wanted to.  My life changed when I met my friend Jackie who pushed me into running harder and faster than I thought I’d ever could.  I ran a marathon, several half marathons in between and loved it.  I will never forget running 4,5,10,15,etc… miles in the middle of summer and hating life HA, it was a love hate relationship.  I mean really, who likes running when it’s 95 degrees with 100% humidity on concrete?  I hated it, but I loved the feeling after.  Once I hit my final mile, I pushed it a little harder… there wasn’t much in me left, but somehow I managed to finish strong.  Every time.   My shirt and shorts were drenched in sweat, my face was covered in salt (runners know what I’m talking about), and my feet were starting to blister.  I felt amazing.  All the toxins, worries, stress, waste, netagive energy  were out of my body.  I felt so light, fresh (stinky lol), rejuvenated, happy and alive.  I long for that feeling, I CRAVE the feeling of accomplishment from running 10+ miles like it’s nothing.  That is my drive.  I am excited to start running again.

My Houston experience made me the person I am now.  I fell in love with running.  I made some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, I made some of my closest friends, I ran alot of races and gained a new healthy lifestyle.  Without the friends I made here, I wouldn’t be the way I am now.

There are also a few others outside the running world that made a huge impact in my life.  I met them at work.  I hate saying “work friends” because we spend more time with them than our own families.  I will miss them dearly.

What I like about Houston = People, affordable living  and you really can’t mess with Texas, they will fight for what they believe in and will not let anyone just come in a take it away.

I didn’t think I’d be this sad about leaving, but it’s slowly starting to sink in.  I will probably never see most of my friends- thank God for FB, Instagram & Twitter, and that makes me sad.  I hope we get to see each other again, but in the mean time I hope the calls, texts, emails, inside jokes never stop.

Thank you Houston for welcoming me with open arms for over 3 years, but it’s time for me to go home.

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