Pics from the day 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day!  How am I celebrating this hallmark holiday?  By sitting on my comp looking through the pics from today, while my romantic hubby and daughter are asleep (it’s not even 8pm yet!).  I don’t blame them, we’ve had a very eventful and fun day!  Not only is it Valentine’s Day, it’s also Kamila’s 8 month birthday!  Yikes- 4 more months until she becomes a toddler, so sad.  Pretty soon I’ll have to start planning her birthday party ahhhh.  Let’s not think about that right now and focus on the present, well past now because it happened earlier today.  We brought out the BOB stroller (more on that later) because it’s capable of going through sand since it has huge wheels and is very sturdy.  Another reason why I bought it, I plan on doing lots of running at the beach during the summer with her (early in the morning of course when the sun it’s too bright).  Anywho- We went to PB and hung out for a few hours, stopped at my old friend Nicole’s Ice Cream stand to say hello.  She made me an awesome Acai bowl, I’m addicted to those and reminded myself that I need to the stuff to make my own at home.  Cheaper and healthier 🙂  Oh it was also the first time she had some sorbet.  She loved it.

Kamila absolutely LOVED the beach, once we got on the sand she started squealing because she was so excited to see the waves and feel the crisp cool wind.  Wasim took her to touch the water a little, it was super cold of course but she loved it.  Next time we go it’ll be on a warmer day and actually sit on the sand and let her little hands and feet explore.  I’m pretty sure she’ll try to eat the sand and that’s ok, no one ever got sick from a little sand in their mouth.

I haven’t taken her monthly picture update yet, but will soon.

*Most of my pics are from my iPhone and none have been edited.  I’ll finally be getting Photoshop soon woohooo!  This is also the age of blurry pictures, she’s all over the place, up and crawling getting faster and faster each day.

IMG_2590DSC08723DSC08714IMG_2592DSC08715 IMG_2597 IMG_2602 IMG_2608 IMG_2611 IMG_2622


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